Method of person-oriented painting therapy

Person-oriented painting is an art therapy method. It is based on the holistic humanistic view of the individual and is guided by the principles of person-centered psychotherapy and Gestalt therapy.

Art therapy is used to support people in situations of illness and crises as well as in the process of change.

The therapy takes place while in the act of painting. Painting and targeted interventions by the art therapist can bring about new insights and feelings.

The method

  • Supports personal development processes
  • Activates self-healing powers
  • Promotes inner and outer perception
  • Expands consciousness by clarifying thoughts and feelings
  • Strengthens one’s own resources and qualities
  • Awakens and promotes creativity and personality
  • Helps in life crises such as personal upheaval, loss, relationship conflicts, sexual violence
  • Supports with symptomatic concerns such as stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Helps with clinical issues such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and anorexia nervosa

The method is used in educational, psychosocial, geriatric, socio-cultural and psycho-hygienic contexts.


Solution-oriented painting therapy LOM ® according to Dr. phil. Bettina Egger and lic. phil. Jörg Merz

The Solution-Oriented Painting Therapy was developed by Bettina Egger and Jörg Merz in Switzerland in 1983 and has been researched and applied there since then.
It differs from other art therapy methods in that it is not focused on “expression” but on “impression”.
Impression in so far as under guidance painted clear and simple pictures, remembered, disturbing pictures and/or conditions into the background let overwrite and from loading emotions free.

The guided and accompanied process of painting special metaphors replacing difficult and stressful emotions and life situations enables healing and relief and develops new perspectives on life.

With Solution Focused Painting Therapy, a wide variety of concerns, stresses, traumas and symptoms, both psychological and physical, can be addressed.

Accompanied painting with children

A painting game in which we respect the inner nature of the child. The child is made to feel free and to reach out to his or her inner self, in the atmosphere of a safe space. There is no judging, no comparing. I accompany the children in the process and observe and support if needed. I do not interfere with their painting. Children are painting on the wall with handmade brushes and high-quality gouache paints on paper sized 50 × 70 cm.

Painting regularly:

  • awakens and reinforces the joy of creation
  • reinforces self-esteem
  • encourages perseverance
  • increases tolerance for stress and frustration
  • improves concentration
  • allows to express oneself non-verbally
  • helps to solve conflicts and problems
  • improves the ability to feel and understand emotions
  • releases blockages and inhibitions in self-expression

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