The Hand frees what is stuck in your mind, body, and soul.

Person oriented art therapy helps to recognize and change your behavioral patterns.  The changes take place during the exchange between you, your painting, and the art therapist.  Painting therapy encourages the perception of your abilities and your recognition and trust in your talents.

You will paint while standing at the wall, using your non-dominant hand.  This helps you to get in contact with your painting.  You can paint alone or in a group in the safe space of the painting studio. Painting with others can have very positive effects:  you notice that everyone is in a process and everyone is working on their personal themes.  You do not feel alone.

While you are painting, at some point you will have a moment in which I realize that something is “off” with your painting.  Perhaps you will have many ideas and start in several places in the painting.  I will ask you “What is happening now? What are your thoughts?” This is not a judgement, but a question.  Maybe in your everyday life you start several things at the same time.  In the studio, when you paint, you can try to do things differently.  You paint in only one place; you paint only one thing and you take your time.  What you have successfully implemented in the painting will also change your actions in every day life.

After two hours, we will all sit together briefly and you can say how you feel after painting.  You can continue working on your painting from the week before, or you can begin a new painting.  If a difficult subject comes up that you don’t want to share with others, you are invited to paint, process, and reflect alone.