Magie der Farbe. Maltherapie Podcast.

I created this podcast to encourage women who want to explore their relationship with themselves, their balance and well-being and get to know better the magic of the painting therapy. Together we will learn to know ourselves better, live our intuition and qualities more, and create a mindful and colorful everyday life.

So if you want to explore topics like painting, self-development, self-care and parenting, this is the place for you. If you think this episode might be of value to someone, please share it and leave 5 stars to increase your visibility.

ONCE ME easily and lovingly through your best daily life

Do you feel like you’re not taking enough time for yourself?

Do you have a good job, a great family but don’t feel fulfilled?

How about not constantly taking care about the needs of others but about your own?

I would love to take you on a journey into the world of color and self-confidence.

I will accompany you and three other people who are looking for more confidence, lightness and new orientation in their lives.

I have prepared a three-month painting therapy program to help you realize change in your everyday life. Together we will look at your blockages, recognize thought patterns that block your energy. During this program you will strengthen your self-confidence, you will be more relaxed and you will take your first steps towards new things.

My mission is to guide you to improve the balance between you, your family and your work and to increase the satisfaction and ease in your everyday life.

You will be able to express, understand and accept your feelings,

  • which releases your energies
  • brings about solutions
  • strengthen your self-confidence
  • deepen your relationships with yourself and others
  • You will deal with your fears and blockages, which will enable you to bring about change in your everyday life
  • You will gain more time for your needs.

How does it work?

We meet eight times in the studio to paint according to person-oriented painting therapy and solution-oriented painting therapy


half hour preliminary talk where we will set your personal goal for the program


you will receive mindfulness exercises for each week on the topics: Emotions, My needs, Creativity, My body


you will receive an audio file with meditation to help you relax and visualize your future

Cost : 940 CHF

Do you have any questions? I would love to get to know you and answer your questions. Call me on 077 489 16 66 or write me an email at


Individual Sessions

Dates by arrangement.

Time: 60 minutes

Adults Cost: CHF 130 incl. in the studio or online

I offer 20 minutes free conversation where we get to know each other. It is possible in the studio or by phone.